Boost Your Hireability With Burnetts’ Skill Enhancement Services

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One of the terrible catch-22s of the job search cycle is that once you’re out of work, it’s difficult to keep your skills up and learn new ones because you’re spending most of your time looking for new work.

Burnett’s Staffing has a solution to this problem. For the benefit of both our clients and job candidates, Burnett’s offers skill enhancement services to all of our job seekers for free.

These enhancement services include an assessment test that can reveal the weak points in your skill set. After you’ve gone through some of our training, you can also use it to see how much you’ve improved!

Most of the training is available online so that our job seekers can learn whenever they have time from the convenience of their own homes, or even on the go via their laptops. We offer training in a variety of skills that are valuable at any job, such as typing, Microsoft Office suite, data entry, and 10-key typing. We also offer training in office, clerical, and administration skills, customer service, and even some language coaching.

The list of skills we teach is so long we can’t even really fit it into a single blog post! Most of our candidates come in and speak to us, and we plan out a custom set of courses to enhance their existing skills and brush up any rough areas. This helps to ensure that our candidates are at the peak of their potential hire-ability!

If you would like to improve your skills to better your chance at finding a job— and get help finding one, and be eligible for other benefits of working with Burnett’s —call or visit one of our locations in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex today!

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