How to Build a Relationship (Not Just a Contract) With Your Staffing Firm

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Many companies turn to staffing firms to help them find better candidates, supply temporary staff on short notice, or improve their hiring strategies.  Asking your staffing firm to take many recruitment tasks off your plate isn’t unusual: it’s what good staffing partners do.

But the more you pursue a professional relationship with your staffing firm, the better your results become.  A relationship with your staffing firm gives you access to a broad, specialized pool of potential employees, through a point of contact who knows your industry, your company’s goals, and your business culture.  The better your relationship with your staffing firm becomes, the more effectively your staffing partner can recommend candidates who fit your view of top candidates.

How can you move your connection from “contract” to “relationship”?  Start here:

Learn more about your staffing partner.

It’s tough to have any relationship with a stranger, and building a strong professional connection with your staffing partner is no exception.  Start by asking about your staffing partner’s strengths and resources.  What skill set does the firm specialize in?  What is your staffing partner’s geographic focus?  How well do they know your industry and the specific challenges you face – and how much time do they spend expanding and updating this knowledge?  Not only will you know where your staffing partner’s strengths lie, you may discover they can help you in ways you hadn’t expected.

Communicate often.

Communication is key to a good working relationship.  The more information you provide about your staffing needs, your expectations, and your organization’s goals, the better equipped your staffing partner is to deliver.  Regular feedback on recommended candidates – both good and bad – can help your staffing firm keep you working in the right direction.  Give your staffing partner a heads-up whenever you update a job description, need to place an order on hold, or encounter a potential obstacle during a job search.

Connect with one partner.

Working with a single staffing agency can reduce costs, focus your search within a candidate pool tailored for your industry and business needs, and allow you to solve a host of staffing-related problems with a single phone call.  Don’t hesitate to screen staffing agencies until you find the one that’s best for your business, and work with them closely to maximize loyalty, dedication, and results.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters strive to build relationships that ensure our clients find better candidates when they’re needed most.  Contact us today to learn more about our recruiting services in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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