How to Grow Your Dallas-Fort Worth Company Through Staffing

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As the economy revs up once again, companies in the Dallas-Fort Worth area and throughout Texas are looking for ways to expand their client base, increase revenues, and grow.  While most companies are considering the usual routes for growth, fewer have realizes the power of strategic staffing in sustainable business growth – giving companies that leverage this power an “edge” in a competitive market.

How can you expand your business in the coming year through staffing?  Start here:

Make some predictions.

Look at the numbers from the previous year, along with other information, to make some predictions and plans for the year ahead.  What part of your business is growing most quickly?  Are certain staff members ready for a promotion – or a replacement?  If you’re relying on temporary help through the busy holiday season, how well are your current temp staff working out, and what would you do differently if you could “onboard” them again beginning today?

Use your predictions to create a broad outline of the business’s opportunities, challenges, and most likely growth areas in the coming year.  You’ll need this information in order to staff smarter.

Leverage the power of performance reviews.

Annual performance reviews give you valuable feedback on how current employees are performing and where you might need to make training changes, offer promotions, shuffle staff among departments, or replace “B” players with “A” players.  But your annual performance reviews can also help you staff with growth in mind.

First, use performance reviews to check your current job descriptions.  Are the duties listed in the descriptions the same as those your staff are actually called upon to do from day to day?  Turn the performance review into a dialogue with staff that helps your managers create updated job descriptions.  Also, discuss accomplishments and goals with staff members.  When you know who is working their way toward a mid-year promotion, you’ll have a “heads-up” about a position that will need to be filled – and a concrete plan for helping your current staff expand their skills to move upward.

Talk to your recruiter.

The help of a staffing partner who specializes in your industry is indispensable when it comes to staffing for business growth.  Take the information you’ve gathered from performance reviews and your business’s growth plans to your recruiter, and talk about your staffing options.  The more you and your staffing firm communicate, the more your recruiter’s recommended candidates will improve – improving your hiring as a result.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you find the right people to supercharge your business growth in the coming year.  Contact us today to learn more!

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