Burnett’s Staffing Offering Video Interviews!

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There are hundreds of candidates that apply for every open position. By the time hiring managers weed through all the resumes and conduct phone screens, many of the good candidates are no longer available. Burnett’s Staffing Inc., a locally based search, recruiting and staffing firm recognized a perfect storm to introduce cutting edge technology that will save area employers significant time and money by expediting this ages old problem.

Beginning next week, Burnett’s will be rolling out video interviews, which allows their clients to view job seeking candidates in a video, before committing to an interview. “We felt that our clients would appreciate the ability to see and hear candidates answer questions specific to their openings, before meeting in person,” said company President Paul Burnett. “The first interview is always awkward for both parties. By using video technology there are no surprises – the clients knows what they’re getting, and our candidates have a much greater chance of being hired,” said Burnett.

Now that the Texas job market appears to be improving, forward thinking companies are introducing new technologies. The internet continues to be a powerful medium for companies to source talent and fewer job seekers are relying solely on paper. Today, job seekers are connected to social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn, which serve as a gold mine for recruiters and HR professionals. However, many candidates fail to recognize that what they post on their social media sites could be seen by anyone, including a possible employer. For reasons such as this, Burnett’s recruiters continually advise candidates to be mindful of what they post on line.

Through an industry contact, Burnett’s was introduced to TalentRooster, a video technology service. Over the past year Burnett’s leadership had been watching video interviews become more mainstream. Ultimately they felt that TalentRooster technology offered the best solution for their candidates and clients. “We are really excited to be in Dallas with Burnett’s,” said TalentRooster CEO David DeCapua. “Texas continues to be a fantastic market, ripe for video technology.”

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