6 Tips for Choosing the Right Career Path in IT

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career path in IT

Choosing the Right Career Path in IT

You’re considering a job in the information technology (IT) industry. You like computers, you love solving problems and you’re passionate about working in an ever-growing field that supports nearly every business endeavor. But which IT career is right for you? Here are six ways to narrow down your search:
  1. Education Level. Not all IT positions require the same education or credentials. For instance, work as a computer support specialist often requires only an associate degree or the appropriate certification, while working as a computer programmer or software developer may require a four-year degree. Consider the education you have, how far you want to pursue your education and what career tracks are available.
  2. People Skills. While all IT professionals need to be able to work on a team, some jobs demand more face-to-face time with the public than others. For instance, computer support specialists spend a great deal of time talking to end-users, helping them troubleshoot issues. Developers and analysts may spend less time with the public.
  3. Lifelong Learning Demands. How hungry are you for new information? Do you study computer languages or new platforms in your spare time? If so, you may prefer a position such as a computer programmer, which demands a high level of commitment to lifelong learning. If you love learning and it comes easily to you, look for jobs that feed this interest.
  4. “Making the Leap.” If you’re mid-career or your educational background is in a non-computing field like business or liberal arts, don’t lose hope. Many IT positions accommodate and even praise these degrees, as long as you also develop your knowledge in computers and programming. For instance, both computer support specialists and computer systems analysts can put their non-IT backgrounds to work to make systems more efficient and user-friendly.
  5. Career Opportunities. Do you love working on new challenges in programming, development or connectivity? Or do you have your eyes set on a particular ever-upward career path? Choose your IT career goals accordingly. Working as an analyst, developer or programmer is more likely to open up specialist opportunities for you, while working in support or other fields can lead you toward a job in IT management.
  6. Your Current Needs. If you’re still not certain where to point your efforts in your IT career, talk to a recruiter. Your staffing firm can help you narrow down your options, see what is available and even take on one or more contract positions so you can “test the waters” before committing to a particular IT career path – and get paid to do it.
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