Common Spelling Mistakes To Avoid on Your Resume

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Common Spelling Mistakes To Avoid on Your Resume

Common Spelling Mistakes To Avoid on Your Resume

Your resume tells your potential employer everything they need to know about your skills, experiences, and qualifications. However, one tiny spelling mistake could increase the risk of employers passing over your resume. In this guide, we’ve highlighted the most common spelling mistakes to avoid on your resume.

Typos To Avoid

Making typos is normal. Sometimes we’re typing too quickly, and other times autocorrect chooses the wrong word and changes the meaning of a sentence.

As you create your resume, some of the most common typos to avoid include:

  • Affect/Effect
  • Too/To/Two
  • They’re/Their/There
  • Insure/Ensure

Many of these words sound similar when we say them but have different meanings when written out. If you worked somewhere for two years, you don’t want to write “to” or “too” years because it wouldn’t make sense.

The Issue With Spelling Errors

So, why is knowing the common spelling mistakes to avoid on your resume so important? Typos never look good on a professional document, especially the final copy. This shows the employer that you may have rushed or may not pay attention to detail. In a worst-case scenario, they may assume you don’t care about the position.

How To Avoid These Errors

The best way to avoid these errors is to understand when to use each word. This prevents the risk of mistakenly using the incorrect one. For exampleensure means to confirm or make sure of something, while insure means to cover against loss or damage.

Proof Read

Another fantastic way to prevent spelling mistakes is to read through your resume before submitting it. Most experts recommend reading it aloud to catch any errors you may miss when reading silently.

Also, ask someone else to review your resume because we may unconsciously fill in the blanks when reading our work. They may also have feedback on specific details you’ve included or skills you left out.

Work With the Experts

As you write your resume and prepare to apply for jobs, remember that every detail counts. Taking the extra step to ensure you’ve done your best could be what sets you apart from other applicants.

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