Five Tips to Follow When Starting a New Job

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A new job is the end of your search for employment, but that doesn’t mean the hard part is over! You can make sure you make a great impression on your new boss and coworkers by continuing to put forth some effort. Here are five tips to think about as you start your first day, your first week, or your first month of your new job.

1. Treat your first day like an interview.

Not that you should be overly nervous, of course, but don’t get too comfortable either. Your relationship with your new company is just beginning, and you want to start it on the right foot. Make sure that you dress appropriately and arrive on time—or even a little early if you can. Meeting your co-workers on your first day will be the first impression you will be making, so make sure that you are putting your best foot forward the entire day.

2. Watch and learn.

You can learn some of the most important rules of the office by paying attention to how people behave. Do they have their cell phones out during the day? Does everyone go to a particular person for guidance? Pay attention to office etiquette, rules, and how people interact. Use this information as you build relationships with your new co-workers and work to learn the ropes of your exciting position.

3. Get to know your coworkers.

Take the initiative and introduce yourself to people with both your name and your new position. Learn your co-workers’ names and positions as soon as possible. Not only will your co-workers appreciate it, but you’ll also know who you can ask for help if you need it.

4. Get organized.

If you have a desk, stock it with supplies and keep it neat. If you have meetings to attend, log them on a calendar. Keep a to-do list and add to it and cross things off as you come to them. By setting up good habits now, you’ll stay productive in the future.

5. Update your information.

Now that you have a new position, it’s time to update your resume and your LinkedIn profile. Keeping things current will help you the next time you’re searching for a job. You may want to connect to coworkers on social media as well, as long as it’s in a professional capacity.

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