How to Prevent Understaffing in Your Company

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Understaffing is one of the biggest obstacles to company growth. Without enough employees, you can’t get everything done, and you certainly can’t get ahead. But having too many employees can slow the growth of your company as well. So, how do you strike a good balance? Here’s how to manage your staffing levels:

What’s the right number of employees?

The answer to this question varies widely from industry to industry and company to company. It can be tempting to err on the side of fewer employees to save on payroll costs and benefits, but if your number of staff dips too low, you risk having unhappy employees who will quit, leaving you facing the cost of hiring and recruiting new people. Also, if employees start leaving, you become even more understaffed, your remaining employees become even more stressed and unhappy, and it becomes a vicious circle.

Should I hire more people?

Hiring can be an intimidating step to take, but it may be needed. Ask yourself some of these questions: Are projects not getting done on time? Is customer service struggling to address customer concerns in a timely manner? Are people with important duties being weighed down with basic clerical tasks like answering the phone or scheduling meetings? Are we having to turn down exciting business ventures because we have too much on our plate? If you answered yes to any of those questions, you should think about hiring additional staff.

Why not call in an expert?

If you’re still not sure what you need, why not call in an expert? At Burnett’s Staffing, we have several different hiring solutions, and we’ll work with you to determine which one is right for your company. Whether you want to do a traditional direct hire, test an employee before committing with a temp-to-hire placement, or just need staff on a temporary basis, we can help.

We have a qualified pool of employees ready to go to work for you. Get in touch with our recruiting team today!

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