Is Your Temp-to-Hire Candidate a Keeper?

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One of the benefits of using temp-to-hire workers is that you have an opportunity to observe a candidate on the job before you make a final decision. If someone isn’t a good fit in the position, you have no obligation to keep them on. But how do you know if you have someone worth keeping? Here are some questions to ask yourself about your temp-to-hire candidate before you extend an offer of full-time employment.

Do they get the basics right?

The first thing to consider is whether your temporary hire is performing the basic duties that you’ve assigned them. Is their work done on time and to your satisfaction? In more general terms, is your temp always on time to the office? Do they handle themselves with professionalism? If so, you may want to examine them more closely.

Do they show initiative?

A temp can show promise as a permanent hire if they willingly take on more duties than assigned. You want someone on your team who asks their co-workers if they need help instead of sitting around waiting for work to be assigned to them. If your temp is already helping with different departments or projects, that’s a sign that you’re dealing with a team player who is interested in the collective success of your company.

Do they fit in with your company culture?

A good temporary worker understands their duties, but a permanent employee needs to understand your culture, too. Company culture is hard to define, but someone who fits in has a good grasp of the internal dynamics of a workplace. Cultural fit is one of the hardest things to gauge from a resume or interview, so if you have someone already working in your office who seems to fit in, you have a huge head start.

Have they asked for a job?

If a temp asks for a permanent position, you should take note. This is another way a candidate can show initiative, but more than that, it can signal that they care about your company. Loyalty is an important quality in an employee, so if someone is interested in staying with you, you should take that into consideration.

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