Five Telltale Signs that an Employee is Thinking About Quitting.

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If you’re in charge of hiring, it’s natural to worry about turnover. It takes time, energy, and resources to replace an employee, so it makes sense to keep the ones you have as happy as possible. But what do you do if you think one of your employees may be about to quit? It’s not always as easy as catching an employee talking to a recruiter on their office phone or coming into work in a suit on Casual Friday. Here are some subtle behaviors to look out for:

1. Getting less work done than usual. Be aware of the average productivity levels of your staff. In any office, there’s a range of people who do what they need to do and people who always go above and beyond their duties. You don’t need to focus on the amount of work that gets done, but you do need to know how that compares to past behavior.

2. Offering fewer suggestions in meetings. Employees who have mentally checked out of their jobs don’t contribute as much to the team as ones who haven’t. If someone who always had an idea in the past is suddenly silent, that may be a clue that they’re no longer invested in the success of your company.

3. Rushing out at 5:00. Employees are free to leave at quitting time, but someone who rushes for the door the second the clock changes is probably not happy. This behavior shows that they can’t wait to get out of the office, and if this happens frequently, it could be a bad sign.

4. Using up saved vacation time. It takes time to earn days off, so if someone starts using them all at once, it may indicate that they’re getting ready to leave. Of course, it’s possible that someone is dealing with a family illness or has been saving up to take a big trip, so make sure there are other signs to be positive.

5. Avoiding socializing with co-workers. In most offices, a happy employee is a social one. If someone who has been friendly outside of work before starts skipping company events, this could mean they’re no longer invested in their workplace relationships.

So what do you do with an employee who is thinking about quitting? If you value him, try to sit down and see if you can offer solutions to his problems. Is he looking for more of a challenge? Is he looking for better benefits? Is he burned out or experiencing an uncomfortable social situation in the office? If you can make a small concession, it may keep him around.

However, it’s also worth it to remember that once an employee considers quitting, they’ve likely been unhappy for quite some time. This may be a red flag that it’s time to find someone else for the job. In that case, why not give Burnett’s Staffing a call. As the leading staffing specialists in the greater Dallas-Fort Worth area, we can find you great candidates for all your recruiting needs.

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