In-Demand Administrative And Office Positions To Aim For In 2017-2020

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recruiting agenciesAs the economy continues to grow and consumer needs change, industries will grow and change right along with them. If you’re looking for an administrative or other type of office position, you’re in luck; these fields have a positive outlook over the next few years. Approximately 46% of HR professionals say retention is their greatest concern, but by working with recruiting agencies for these positions, they’ll likely find candidates — just like you — who are an excellent fit. CEB found that there were 235,454 U.S. job openings for these kinds of jobs in 2016. Take a look at some of the most in-demand administrative and office positions for 2017-2020 below.

Customer Service Representatives
It’s never been more important for businesses to provide excellent customer service than it is in the digital age. A couple of bad online reviews or a viral social media post can have a huge impact on success. It’s no surprise, then, that many recruiting agencies and temp agencies will focus on finding customer service candidates who can represent a business to the utmost. These reps are charged with communicating with customers about services or products, orders they’ve placed, and overall feedback. These positions are necessary for virtually any industry, which means that no matter your specialty or interests, it’s likely they’ll be a job opening for someone with excellent people skills.

Specialized Sales Personnel
As we become increasingly more reliant on technology, many industries will zero in on their need for specialized salespeople who can explain concepts, products, and/or services to all types of clients. These salespeople need to be extremely knowledgeable, particularly in terms of digital services. If you’re a tech-savvy individual with a sales-driven personality, this may be a great option to talk with a staffing company about.

Administrative And Executive Assistants
Although these two types of assistant positions have some overlap in terms of the types of responsibilities they have and the skills they require, they are not synonymous jobs — nor are they the same as being a receptionist. Administrative assistants take meeting minutes, manage calendars, maintain expense reports, and arrange for travel. Executive assistants report to higher-ups, managing many of the same duties as admin assistants and providing general assistants. As a candidate for one of these positions, you’ll require superior skills in organization, time management, and communication. Make it clear to your employment agency that these kinds of jobs are of keen interest to you.

Senior Managers
There are many industries that will likely require more senior managers going into 2020, including entertainment, media, and general information industries. These industries are more likely to go through transformative periods, which means it’ll be necessary to have someone with experience to help get these businesses through this time. Having management skills can be a huge asset as is, but it’ll become especially key for recruiting agencies to find candidates who can help these businesses make it through the other side.

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