Making Yourself Indispensable: How To Turn A Temp Job Into Permanent Placement

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job agencyDuring the average week, more than 3 million temporary and contract employees work thanks to job placement agencies throughout the nation. But while the average staffing company may help you find temp jobs, a lot of people have their eyes on more permanent placement opportunities. Your job agency will likely be on the lookout for those too, but what if you’re hired as a temp worker and want to potentially make the position permanent? If the company is open to the possibility, there are ways to make sure you stand out for all the right reasons and show you’re the right person to join their team for the long haul. By following the tips below, you can make yourself indispensable to a business and potentially transform your temp job into a permanent one.

Identify And Show Your Strengths

Some temporary employees will have to take on jobs they aren’t necessarily passionate about or will have to perform tasks at which they don’t naturally excel. When you’re trying to show how irreplaceable you are, you’ll need to know what strengths you possess and use them to edge ahead. You need to understand what you’re good at and use those skills to shine, rather than trying to pursue a career path that isn’t a good fit. Before you work with any job agency, assess your skills and zero in on what you’re good at. Then, focus on positions that will allow you to play to those strengths. By being particularly strong in desirable areas, you can ensure you’re making valuable contributions to a company, rather than being just good enough to fill in for a short period.

Develop Other Skills

Being self-aware means that you’ll also need to discern which areas you could stand to improve upon, particularly in terms of skills that might be integral to a certain position or industry. If you’re missing a big piece of the puzzle, you’ll be less likely to be a viable candidate for a permanent position. It’s not just about the technical, hard skills that are required for a given job; soft skills matter just as much. This means working on your communication, collaboration, critical thinking, organization, and more. While there will be sure to be a learning curve with temporary placements, taking the initiative to develop skills on your own will show how dedicated you are to self-improvement.

Be Flexible

Adaptability is the name of the game with temporary-to-permanent placement. An employer will want to see how well you can roll with the punches, and your job agency will be excited to see how willing you are to problem-solve and go with the flow. Being willing to step outside the typical parameters of a position shows you actually care about the quality of work you do and about a given company. When you’re willing to do what it takes to finish the job, rather than being resistant because it isn’t technically your responsibility, will show the Powers That Be that you’re a team player who’s willing to go above and beyond the call of duty.

Do Your Research

Job placement agencies and employers alike want to work with individuals who take the time to do their research and tailor their approach to what a company really needs. Understanding what a business already does well, in addition to the challenges they face, will show you’re actually invested in their success. It can also allow you to communicate exactly what you’ll bring to the table. You’ll need to treat every interview differently and customize your approach to fit, rather than expecting an employer to be a good fit for you. If you show how proactive you can be before you ever even get the job, that will bode well for your time there.

By following these tips when you work with job agency and are subsequently placed in a temporary position, you may very well be able to turn that job into a permanent one, provided the company is open to full-time hires. For more information on how to make yourself stand out to both employers and staffing agencies, contact us or take a look at our other blog posts.

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