Entry-Level Jobs That Don’t Require a Degree

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Entry Level Jobs

In recent years, it seems as if more and more job postings demand that the applicant have a college degree. For job seekers whose life paths haven’t included completing that degree, these postings can seem discouraging.

But they don’t have to. Many great “first steps” on the career ladder are in jobs that do not require a college degree – and that still offer the opportunities for advancement that job seekers are looking for. If you’re seeking a great new job, keep these positions in mind:

Call Centers

If you have solid communication skills and enjoy talking to people, consider working in a call center. You’ll talk to customers daily, handling their questions and solving their problems. Many call centers provide structure and backup when necessary so that you can focus on helping others.


Salespeople need to be quick thinkers, have a great deal of self-motivation, and be willing to “stick to it” when a problem gets tough – qualities that even the best business degree program can’t provide. Learning to sell effectively is an art, and those who do it can find lucrative positions in any number of industries.

Data Entry

Have a quick mind and even quicker typing fingers? Want to contribute to an important business or industry without day-to-day interactions with people? Data entry offers individuals with a keen eye for detail the opportunity to learn a business by handling its paperwork and data management systems. You’ll need good typing and computer skills as well as solid organizational skills.


Drivers work in a variety of capacities, from chauffeuring others to hauling cargo in a large truck. A valid driver’s license and training is required, but you don’t need a college degree to do the job well – and many trucking companies will pay for part or all of your training, including any special load certifications you may need.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters can help you find a job that helps you build the career you’re looking for – even if you haven’t earned a college degree. From entry-level direct hire jobs that let you start climbing the ladder, to temporary work you can use to gain experience, we pride ourselves on providing connections with some of the best employers in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. Contact us today to learn more about our job openings in Fort Worth and beyond.

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