Does This Tie Make Me Look Hired?

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When you get dressed the morning of a big interview, what you choose to wear is one of the first statements you make. Your clothes are the foundation of your interviewing presence. Like the foundation of a house, they shouldn’t be the focus, but they should be able to support everything else.

It’s important not to be underdressed, of course, but you shouldn’t be overdressed either. Being underdressed signals that you don’t care about the job, and being overdressed can signal that you don’t understand the company culture. In general a suit is a good choice, for both men and women, for most professional positions. Occasionally, business casual may be more appropriate depending on the culture of the company you’re interviewing with.

Keep in mind that an interview is a business event, not a social one, and you’ll likely be sitting for the majority of the time. If possible, sit in front of a mirror with your interview clothes on to see yourself the way your interviewer will see you. Make sure that there are no gaps of skin between your socks and your pants. If you wear a skirt or dress, make sure the hemline doesn’t ride up and reveal too much skin. Here are some more tips for what to wear:


  • Stick to neutral colors like black, khaki or navy, and solids. If you choose a pattern, make sure that it’s subtle. Avoid things like checks or florals.
  • If you don’t own a suit, don’t try to create one out of a jacket and a pair of pants that are the same color. The mismatch will show.
  • Be well groomed. Shave or trim your beard, and make sure your hair is neatly styled. Don’t wear too much aftershave or cologne.


  • Generally, it’s best to stick with neutral colors overall, but a pop of color like a bright sleeveless top underneath a khaki or grey jacket is fine.
  • Don’t wear too much jewelry, or jewelry that is overly flashy. Try to look as conservative as possible.
  • When choosing shoes, find a sensible heel height, one under three inches, that you’ll be comfortable in. You can also invest in a pair of “power flats,” or a more business appropriate flat shoe.

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