Finding The Right Job For You: Why Demand Matters To Staffing Agencies

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As an employer, one of the biggest challenges when it comes to hiring is finding a candidate that not only fits the job description but also fits the company. Within the first 45 days of being hired, up to 22% of employees will leave their jobs. This creates a high turnover for businesses, which causes lost productivity and a sense of instability.

For a job seeker, finding a job that fits your work ethic as well as your personality is like finding the holy grail. This is why staffing agencies work to bring job seekers and potential employers together. However, before a staffing agency can properly place a job seeker with the right employer, the demand for the job itself must also be taken into consideration.

Why does the demand for the job matter to a job agency?
Job agencies work to give employers the right employees they need. If the job itself is in high-demand, this means searching through a sea of potential candidates to find the right one. Taking the business’ morals and guidelines into account, the job agency will find the right candidate before recommending them to the business in question.

However, it isn’t always the job that’s in demand. The reason why staffing agencies are still needed in modern job searches and hiring processes is that certain positions are fairly difficult to staff. That is, the pool of potential employees is so small that it can be difficult to find someone with the right qualifications. Staffing agencies work to find that person, so businesses don’t have to struggle to do it themselves.

Why work with an administrative staffing agency
As a job seeker, working with a staffing agency can help you improve the likelihood of being hired. Left to your own devices, you can lose track of potential employment opportunities or overlook employment opportunities that you’re eligible to apply for in another field.

For instance, four of the most in-demand office and administrative jobs for 2017 are as follows:

  • Receptionist
  • Customer service representative
  • Administrative assistant
  • Executive assistant

A staffing agency can help you get a leg up in these fields. After all, with a job agency, you’re coming armed to the interviews with more just your resume. You’re coming to the interviews to find employment opportunities with the promise that the agency you’re working with has matched you to a business that relates to your work ethic and who you are.


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