Looking For Temp Work? Your New Employer Will Look For These Qualities

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In many sectors, companies are exploring less traditional forms of employment setups. From telecommuting to temp jobs, workers are also looking for more flexibility. And if you want to be more attractive to these kinds of employers, then working with staffing companies can help ensure you’re prepared. When you’re on the hunt for temp jobs, you’ll want to consider what employers are looking for in those that they hire on a temporary basis.

So whether you’re just looking for a temporary gig or hope to find a temp-to-hire position, here are the qualities employers need to see:

1. You have to roll with the punches
While adaptability is a desirable trait in any employee, it’s especially important for temp jobs. You may be in this workplace for an unknown period of time, ranging from just a few days to a couple of months. After that, you might move into another role with the same company or transition into an entirely different work environment. Mostly, you’ll need to be extremely flexible. But how do you communicate that skill set on a resume? Here’s one solution: If you ever switched positions or took on new responsibilities within the same company, be sure to highlight that experience on your resume.

2. You must be responsible
Temporary employment agencies understand that their clients want workers who are reliable. That’s why a professional resume that doesn’t contain any glaring gaps in work history or education can make you stand out. Responsible self-starters often excel in temporary positions and often make themselves indispensable during their time with a given company. Even though you’ll be hired to fulfill only specific responsibilities, there might even be a chance of staying on permanently if you’re able to display values like these. First, you have to make a great impression on the employer, which is why listing references are of particular importance.

3. You need to be an excellent communicator
If you’re working with a temp agency, you need to know how to effectively communicate your availability or any questions or concerns you might have about the potential jobs available to you. Likewise, once you are placed by temp agencies in a new position, you cannot be afraid to speak up if you need help. Finding yourself in an unfamiliar work environment can be intimidating, but if you’re able to communicate effectively (and that includes knowing how to listen!), you’ll be much more successful at your new job.

4. You’ll want to be professional and positive
Professionalism and positivity can go a long way in just about any industry. According to a 2016 Society for Human Resource Management survey, 46% of HR professionals say retention is their top concern, while 36% say that employee engagement is a huge priority. It can be tough to be completely engaged in the goings-on at a new company (especially when you likely won’t be there long), but a positive and professional attitude can make a huge difference in the workplace. There are a number of ways to communicate your professional and positive attitude, starting with your cover letter. Be sure to be enthusiastic, to thank every person you meet for their help, and to err on the side of caution with your wardrobe choice or when addressing others informally.

Without a doubt, it can be a challenge to make a lasting impression (for the right reasons, that is) on a temporary employer. But by working with a reputable staffing company and improving upon the traits above, you’ll be able to take on whatever they throw at you — and do so with aplomb.


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