Should You Look for a “Career” Position – or a “Right Now” Job?

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Sometimes you need to focus on building a lasting career. But at other times, you may just need to pay the bills. Does every job have to be part of your long term career strategy? It depends. There may be times in your life when you just want to put in your eight hours and go home.

  • Completing your education. If you are a student, you may not want to commit to a high-pressure job. Finding a position that works around your classes will be your top priority.
  • Caring for Family Members. Whether you are the parent of young children or faced with eldercare commitments, “just a job” may be just the ticket. It might be easier to take time off when you need it and you are less likely to bring work stresses home.
  • Transitional Times. Just move to a new city? Need to regroup after a job loss? This might be the time to look for a job rather than make a big career move. It will give you time to get your bearings while providing you with a source of income.

Is Any Job Actually “Just a Job”?

That was a trick question. The answer is yes and no. You may take a position that’s off your chosen path because it fits your lifestyle at the time, but that doesn’t make it just a job.

Here’s Why:

You’re adding to your skills. Even if you are delivering pizza, you are learning efficient ways to navigate, managing a tight schedule, building people skills and handling money. Any of these could come in handy throughout your career.

You’re earning income. Many people “work to live” rather than “live to work” and you may be one of them. Focusing on what your income allows you to do when you are not on the clock may be where you should focus.

You don’t know where could lead. No matter what job you are performing, give it your best effort. Hard workers stand out anywhere and you could launch a rewarding career if you happen to meet the right person who recognizes your work ethic.

So even if you decide to opt out of the rat race for a while, keep in mind that opportunities are everywhere and always put your best foot forward.

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