How Long is Too Long? The right amount of time to stay at one company.

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We live in an age where people hold more jobs over their lifetimes than ever before. Gone are the days of staying with one company for your entire career. Currently, the average length of time in one job is about three years for people in their twenties just entering the workforce, and about ten for people in their late fifties and early sixties who are leaving the workforce.

Moving to a new company is a common practice, but how do you know when it’s time to leave?  Try asking yourself these questions:

Have you put in your time?

When deciding whether you should leave a company, you should give serious thought to the amount of time you’ve been there. If it’s less than a year, you should probably stay longer, unless the job is unbearable. When there are several jobs on your resume that span short amounts of time, a new company will be wary of hiring you because you’re sending the message that you like to move around a lot.

What do you do all day?

Your day to day experience in your job can tell you a lot about whether it’s time to go or not. What are your duties? Are they challenging, or have you grown bored or tired of them? Are they too much of a challenge, to the point where you feel overwhelmed and like you aren’t accomplishing anything? Do you feel appreciated by your coworkers or your boss? Do you feel happy and fulfilled when you go home every night?

Are you being fairly compensated?

Money should never be a sole motivator in your career, but it’s fair to ask yourself if you’re making a number you’re comfortable with. Are you making a similar salary to people in the same position in your area? (There are many tools online to help you research this.) When was the last time you received a raise?

If you have positive answers to these questions, consider yourself lucky. If not, it may be time to start a job hunt. Instead of going it alone, why not partner with a staffing specialist at Burnett’s? We find great jobs for candidates all over the Dallas Fort Worth Mextroplex, and we’d love to find a great job for you, too.

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