Four Spring Job Search Strategies to Follow

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March is the month for spring cleaning, and while that traditionally applies to getting your home in order, why not apply it to your job search this year? Here are four things to do while the weather starts to warm up:

1. Clean your workspace. Where do you search for jobs? Is in on your laptop at the kitchen table, or at your desk in a spare bedroom? Is it a nice place to work, or could you use some de-cluttering? Take a Saturday or Sunday afternoon to clear your desk of distractions, whether that means filing old bank statements away in a drawer or throwing out leftover pizza boxes. Once you have an organized space to use for your job search, you’ll feel better and get more done.

2. Dust off your resume. If you’re like most job seekers, at some point you put together a resume, and as your career has grown, you’ve added to it or taken away things that are no longer relevant, tweaking it as you go along. It might be time to start from scratch with a blank word processing document. Take the time to build your resume from the ground up and see how much better you can make it.

3. Add something new. Spring is all about renewal, so why not add some more skills or experiences to your resume? Take a professional development class at a college or university near you, or volunteer with a local organization in your community and let them teach you how to do something you’ve never done before. Adding to your skill set will show your future employer that you’re adaptable.

4. Get outside and network. As the weather gets warmer, people tend to get more social. Consider seeking out some professional groups in your area and attending a meeting so that you can surround yourself with people in your industry. They may be able to get you connected with a job, or they may just inspire you to continue on the career path that you’re already on.

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