Networking: Three Reasons It Is Important to Stay in Touch

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As you progress throughout your career, your professional network will play a crucial role in your growth. Once you build relationships it is important that you stay in touch and nurture the relationships you have. Here are three reasons why it is important:

1. Networking helps you find new opportunities. 

It’s true that many of the best jobs are never advertised. Instead, they’re filled through word-of-mouth by people who have built up trust and respect over the course of each others’ careers. Do you want to be inside of that circle, being let in on an upcoming opening, vouching for the skills of someone trying to get their foot in the door, or do you want to be outside of it, trying to find opportunities all on your own? You can do more with allies, so why not find some?

2. Networking is about relationships.

Networking isn’t about adding someone as a LinkedIn connection or having a drink with them at a yearly trade show. It’s about building a relationship. It may be more business than personal, but it’s still a relationship just the same. All relationships need nurturing, whether that’s just a weekly check-in or a long monthly e-mail catching up on your respective progress. You don’t build a network by exchanging business cards or endorsing someone on LinkedIn. You do it by getting to know someone and letting them get to know you.

3. Networking helps you give back.

If you’re confused about the best way to start a networking relationship, start with giving. Not only does giving help you give back, but it makes those you give to more likely to help you in the future. Offer your help to colleagues and mentors. Anticipate their needs and offer solutions before they know they need them. Whether it’s a gesture as small as getting someone a coffee on a tough day or something that demands a little more sacrifice, like staying after work to help finish a big project, a giving gesture is one of the best ways to nurture a networking relationship.

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