5 Reasons You Should Ask a Candidate Questions About Your Company

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There are a lot of bases to cover when you’re interviewing a candidate. Not only do you need to review their job history, skills, and qualifications, but you also need to assess their cultural fit. Unlike the information on someone’s resume, cultural fit is subjective and can be difficult to pin down. Will a candidate be happy in a position at your company? One of the best ways to tell is to ask them questions about your company. Here are five reasons why that strategy works:

1. It makes sure they’re motivated.

Many candidates don’t research the company they plan to work for at all, so asking about your company is a great way to find truly motivated candidates. The more they know about your company, the more independent research they’ve done, and the more motivated they will be in your workplace.

2. Good cultural fit means longevity.

If a candidate took the time to learn about your company before applying for a job with you or before showing up for an interview, they’ve self-selected themselves as someone who would probably be happy working for you. They can picture themselves working for your company, which means they can picture a future with your company as well.

3. It’s easy to gauge their interest in your company.

Of course, asking a candidate isn’t just about having them recite facts about your mission statement and board of directors to you. It lets you engage in a conversation about your company with them, and this can give you insight about how they really feel about you as an employer.

4. You can learn about your reputation.

Word of mouth is one of the most powerful recruiting tools, but it’s difficult to monitor from inside of your company. So what better way to learn what people are saying than by asking an outside source? You can learn about the general perception of your company and, if necessary, find ways to change how you’re looked at in the job marketplace.

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