5 Ways Great Companies Attract Top Talent

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Attract Top Talent

How to Attract Top Talent to Your Company

Ever wonder how great companies attract such amazing people? Do they know something you don’t? Perhaps. It’s all in the approach. The best companies understand that their candidates are their customers. They work to make the candidate experience a positive one and to establish their organization as the place where the best people want to work.

How do they achieve this? Here’s how attract top talent:

Branding. Candidates and customers alike should know who you are and what you stand for. Walmart is different from Target which is different from Nordstrom. But each has its own specific well-known identity. People know which one they would rather work for, depending on their own values. Your company might not have the same impact or reach as these three large corporations, but your identity should be just as clear in every action or marketing effort.

Marketing. Job postings should be considered sales tools. Smart companies use attention-grabbing text and graphics. They feature copy that is compelling and persuasive. When recruiting, always focus on what’s in it for the candidate. Too many employers write advertisements or job descriptions that read like a list of demands. Think less about what you want and more about attracting people who can give you what you want.

Searching. There is a famous interview with a bank robber who is asked why he robbed banks. His answer? “Because that’s where the money is.” The lesson here is that if you want to hire, go to where the talent is. If you are looking for technical talent, visit GitHub or Stack Overflow. Recruiting managers or executives? Look for thought leaders on LinkedIn. Want to find younger or entry-level candidates? Be sure your mobile site is simple to use.

Communicating. Stay in touch with candidates throughout the entire recruiting and hiring process. No matter how large the city you are located in, people in the local talent market know which employers never call back or have a drawn out hiring process. Your process should reflect your company culture. A fast-paced, cutting-edge company should have a speedy hiring process. If you are hiring for an established blue chip company, candidates may have more patience for corporate red tape.

Retaining. The best way to hire is to hire infrequently – unless you are growing fast. Scrambling to replace an employee who’s left your company is no fun. The less you have to do of that, the better. Build an interview process that identifies those with the right attitude and who mesh with your corporate culture and train as needed. Promote from within whenever possible to further reinforce the message.

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