Seasoned Professional? Reasons to Consider Contract or Temporary Work

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Seasoned Professional

Why You Should Consider Contract or Temporary Work

If you’re not ready to retire, you’re not alone.  According to the Department of Labor, 40 percent of workers over age 55 hadn’t left the workforce for retirement. For many individuals, after reaching retirement age they look a job opportunity that is more engaging, and flexible.  Temporary or contract work can be a great option for many workers to consider.

Here’s why:

Flexible Hours

Need time to attend to hobbies or spend time with family?  Contract work offers a wide range of options in terms of scheduling.  Both standard 40-hour schedules and a vast array of part-time or job-sharing options are available, giving you time both to work and to enjoy life.


Studies show that learning new skills is one of the best ways to keep our minds healthy as we age.  By taking temporary or contract work that overlaps with your current skill set, you gain the best of both worlds: tasks you already have the experience to do well, plus new challenges to keep your brain sharp.

Valued Experience

Employers are recognizing more and more the value of experience, dependability and a strong work ethic – qualities that seasoned workers tend to have in force.  Temp and contract work allows you a better chance to find an employer who will value what you have to bring to the table.  For a “head start” finding the best employers, work with a staffing firm.

Managing Social Security Requirements

Income limitations apply to both Social Security retirement and disability benefits for certain individuals.  If you earn over the monthly limit, you may face reductions in your benefits.  If you’re subject to these limitations, a contract position can help you control your earnings to keep them under the “cutoff” amounts, allowing you to maximize your income.  Your recruiter can help you make sure the numbers add up.

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