How to Land a Full-Time Job From a Temp Assignment

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Temp Assignment

You’ve been hired for a temporary assignment. Congratulations! But if you’re not planning to stay a temp forever – and most job seekers aren’t – it’s time to start strategizing.

Increasingly, companies are hiring temporary staff not only to gain much-needed skills and assistance with particular projects but also to screen potential candidates before hiring them for long-term positions. Think of the temp assignment as an extended job interview. You aren’t being grilled about your weaknesses and what you can do for the company, but you are demonstrating firsthand just how valuable your presence can be.

Here’s how to position yourself to turn a temporary assignment into full-time work:

  1. Learn the company culture and follow it. How does the full-time staff dress at your new temp job? Do they spend a great deal of time chatting around the water cooler, or is it “heads down” between 9 and 5? Who works through lunch, on what, and why? Every workplace has unwritten rules – watch for these and follow them as closely as you can. Doing so will demonstrate that you belong. Don’t forget to stick to the dress code!
  2. Be responsible, punctual, and thorough. Because a temp position works like an extended interview, it stands to reason that you should use yours to showcase your best work. Be on time, be dependable, and do your best work – whether that’s ensuring that everything is filed, upselling your employer’s product, or being polite and cheerful to every customer you meet.
  3. Go the extra mile. Once you’ve become acquainted with everyone in the office, start looking for ways you can volunteer to lend a hand with extra work or projects that aren’t yours. Help out anyone who accepts your invitation. Not only will you demonstrate that you fit in well and you’re dedicated, but you’ll impress the very people with the power to give you fantastic recommendations – here or in your next job.
  4. Within the unwritten “rules” of the company’s culture, do your best to interact with co-workers, showcase you work, and make sure that managers and supervisors know who you are. And don’t forget to make it clear that you would love a permanent job offer: Make time to talk to your manager, ask for feedback on your work and state that you’d like to work full time for the company.

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