How to Take Your Job Searching From Passive to Actively Looking

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Is your current job “okay,” but not “great”? Would you take a better position if you found it – yet are tired of waiting for that better offer to find you?

If so, you’re one of many professionals who are ready to make the leap from “passive” to “active” job seeking. So-called “passive” candidates are those who would take a new offer if it was made, but who aren’t dedicating their own time to seeking out new opportunities. Active job seekers are putting the energy into discovering what opportunities are out there – whether or not they are also currently working.

Here’s how to switch your job search from passive to active mode:

Know what you do (and do not) want.

Grab a pen and paper and make a list: What do you want most in your new job? What do you love best about the work you’re currently doing, and want to see more of? What do you know will make you happier and more productive at work?

Then, make a second list: What do you want to avoid in your new job? What elements of your current job are unsupportive, demotivating, or downright obstructive in your attempts to do your best work and be recognized for your accomplishments?

Keep these lists in front of you as you read job postings. Take copies of them to your recruiter. They’ll help you stay focused as you switch from passive to active mode in your job search.

Update your LinkedIn profile.

Spend ten minutes each day updating one piece of information on your LinkedIn profile. Add a new photo one day, update your header the second, upload a recent piece of your best work on the third. Spreading the work out prevents you from getting overwhelmed. It also keeps your profile closer to the top of search engine rankings, which prefer frequently updated content.

Talk to a recruiter.

Staffing firms specialize in helping job seekers connect with employers who offer a better cultural “fit” and more opportunities to climb the career ladder. If you are currently employed, your staffing partner can also help you seek a new job with discretion, so that your search doesn’t become the latest water-cooler gossip.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our recruiters offer the professional, confidential help you need to launch a job search – while continuing to work. Contact us today to learn more about our job opportunities in Dallas-Fort Worth area.

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