How to Stay Positive During a Long Job Search

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For many job seekers, looking for a new job can be even more stressful than working full time. The loss of a job disrupts your schedule, forcing you to turn to rounds of hunting for job postings, crafting resumes and cover letters, networking, and interviews.

If your enthusiasm is starting to wane, here are some ways to give it a boost:

  1. Remember that the opportunities are out there. Searching for a job during the recent recession was even tougher when news reports kept announcing there were no jobs to be had. Now, however, employers are steadily increasing their hiring. More jobs are opening up, which means more opportunities for job seekers like you.
  2. Trust (and expand!) your qualifications. Exuding confidence in your own qualifications gives your application materials and your interview presence the “oomph” they need to impress hiring managers. For an additional confidence boost, find a volunteer opportunity or class that lets you build on your existing skills and strengthen your weak points. You’ll have new material to discuss in your interviews and proof that you’re dedicated to consistently improving in your career area – even when you are between jobs.
  3. Don’t hesitate to reach out to your professional network. It can be tough to ask colleagues for help when doing so means you have to admit to being between jobs. However, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics estimates that 70 percent of all jobs, and 40 percent of “dream jobs,” are found through personal and professional connections. Commit to contacting two colleagues this week and inviting them out for coffee or a chat.
  4. Keep seeking your dream job. The longer you search for work, the more tempting it can be to look for “just any” job. Take time every day to remind yourself of your goals. Think about the best job you’ve ever had: What made it so great? Was it your boss’s approach, your co-workers, the challenges, or the schedule? Look for similar characteristics in the employers to whom you send resumes.

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