How to Use Your Company’s Culture to Attract Top Tech Talent

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In a competitive market for the top technology talent, your company needs to go the extra mile to ensure that the best IT employees work for your firm and not the competition. In many cases, a generous salary and a robust benefits package simply aren’t enough to seal the deal with some candidates. Does your company boast the right kind of corporate culture able to attract — and retain — top tech talent when compensation and other factors are equal?

Let’s take a closer look.

Corporate Culture Is a Set of Company Values That Need to Be Publicized

Your company culture is essentially a set of values that describes all aspects of your internal operations. If your firm feels hard work means more to the business’s ultimate success than a rigid interpretation of a professional dress code, that is part of your corporate culture. It isn’t merely a facade; it affects nearly every part of how you do business.

Potential job candidates need to be made aware of the values important to your organization. In the IT world, sponsoring developers’ conferences and other local industry events remain a great way to get the word out about your firm from both a cultural and technological standpoint.

Additionally, supporting charitable causes and eco-friendly activities are great ways to define your corporate culture publically while potentially attracting like-minded IT workers to your company.

Focus on Life Goals When Interviewing Candidates

Once your corporate culture becomes better defined and gets noticed, make sure your interviewers frame some questions on a candidate’s life goals beyond their professional career goals. These kinds of questions truly allow a cultural connection to be made between a company and a potential employee. Candidates gain an understanding whether or not your company’s culture is a good match for them, and vice-versa.

Ultimately, it is important to grow your company’s culture while also making sure the candidates in your region know how great it is to be employed with your firm.

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