Introvert’s Handbook for Interviewing

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About one in every four people is an introvert – a person who gets their energy from being alone, and who spends it when interacting with others. Interviews can be nerve-wracking for introverts, who tend to prefer the chance to build a deep relationship to the chance to have a quick conversation.

Research shows, however, that introverts offer just as much in professional and personal relationships as their more outgoing peers. They just do it differently. Here’s how to capitalize on your introvert strengths and show interviewers exactly what you have to offer:

  1. Since many introverts are shy by nature, practicing interview sessions can become a “secret weapon” for beating interview stress. Practice helps introverts become more confident and overcome the initial tendency toward quiet. You don’t need to pretend to be an extrovert, but you should learn as much as you can about potential interview questions, think of possible answers, and practice with a trusted friend or colleague until you feel comfortable.
  2. Because introverts turn their energy “inward,” one of their greatest strengths is the ability to think deeply about information. Learn everything you can about this employer, this interviewer, and this job opening well before the interview. Talk to your recruiter for an “inside look” at the company and position. Use what you know to tailor your potential interview answers and to find “common ground” to discuss with the interviewer.
  3. Leverage your listening skills. Introverts make great listeners. Being introverted gives you an extraordinary opportunity to turn an interview into a dialogue. In addition to preparing for the questions you are most likely to be asked, prepare several questions of your own that are designed to “open up” the interviewer and allow you to listen and gather information. “What do you like about your job?” is one question that invites the interviewer to talk and gives you the opportunity to show off your superior listening skills – while also gathering even more “inside info” on the company that will help you decide whether or not to take a job offer.

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