IT Cover Letter — Relevant or Obsolete?

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IT Cover Letter

When considering the entire job search package, the venerable cover letter doesn’t get the same level of respect as the résumé. That is understandable, however, considering the large number of candidates that apply for most open Information Technology positions. Hiring managers usually only get a minute or two to peruse a résumé to check a candidate’s worthiness.

So does this mean you can safely forego including an IT cover letter in your résumé package? That’s not a good idea. Here are some reasons why the cover letter is still relevant in today’s job market.

A Cover Letter supports the Content of Your Résumé

As mentioned earlier, a hiring manager only takes a couple of minutes to check your résumé; if you pass that initial test, expect your cover letter to be read during the next part of the process as the HR team figures out which candidates to interview. If you didn’t include a cover letter, your chances at securing an interview just fell through the floor.

It is important that you use the cover letter to support the information contained on your résumé. Go into more detail on the significant accomplishments in your work history, taking advantage of the chance to fully express how you made a positive difference for your previous employers. Use the opportunity to flesh out your technical abilities and skill set.

Remember that while a hiring manager may be intrigued by the content of your résumé, the cover letter does an important job of actually convincing that company to bring you in for an interview.

Personalize Each Cover Letter

It is important to make the effort to personalize every cover letter you send to a potential employer. Every company’s hiring needs and corporate culture are different, so this gives you another chance to sell yourself to that specific company. Use a cover letter template to make this process a bit easier when beginning a job search.

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