Ramp Up Your Autumn Job Search

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Businesses that slowed down over the summer are gearing up for the busy holiday season, and they’re looking to hire now. Are you ready? Even if you’ve already spent some time on the job search basics, there’s more you can do. Here are the next steps to take to ensure that you’re in a great position before the year ends:

Customize your resume. You’ve probably put a lot of time and effort into creating and polishing the resume that you’re sending to hiring managers. But what if you’re still not getting called back for interviews? Try to customize each resume for the position you’re applying for. Leave out any unrelated experience, and consider using keywords from the job description in your text. By using the same language the company does, your resume is more likely to catch someone’s eye.

Get your references ready. Are you prepared to submit a list of references if asked? More importantly, are your references prepared? You should always ask someone for permission before you use them as a reference. This gives them time to prepare to speak about you. You may offer them a copy of your resume if they’re concerned that they’re not up to date with your career. Make sure that you have their contact information correct before you submit it to a potential employer. Be sure you always write a thank you note to anyone who agrees to serve as your reference.

Use your network. At the beginning of your job search, you may have focused your energy on building your network with new connections. Now is the time to use those connections. People often know about job openings at their company before their company makes the job posting public. Some job openings are never posted at all, and are instead filled through word of mouth. Ask if anyone knows of any open positions or if they would be willing to put in a good word with you with someone who does.

Seek out an expert. If you’ve done all that you can think to do, why not partner with someone who deals with job searches every day? At Burnett’s Staffing, our specialists work with clients and candidates and match up skills with available positions. We meet with every candidate and discuss their goals and ambitions so we can understand how best to help their careers. Get in touch with us today so that we can start working with you.

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