Building Your Personal Brand on Social Media

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We live in an age where it’s almost a guarantee that potential employers will Google you once your resume hits their desks. This is why it’s crucial for job seekers to have a professional online presence. What’s the best way to build an online presence? By thinking about yourself as a product. Employers are your market, and your personal brand is the image you need to project to achieve your goals. Here’s how to build one:

Decide what you want to say.

Things will go much smoother if you decide what your brand is before you start posting. What are you trying to accomplish in your career? What do you need to convey about yourself to help make this happen? Once you’ve decided, go back through old public content and remove anything that could hurt your career. Going forward, make sure that everything you post publicly reinforces your brand.

Fill out all the boxes.

Signing up for a social networking account won’t build your brand if you don’t personalize it. You should always upload a profile photo so that the people who interact with you have a stronger sense of who you are. Consider using the same profile photo for all of your social networks, as it can be a good way to create consistency across different networks. Fill in everything else you can, including a short bio on Twitter, interests on LinkedIn, and your current town on Facebook.

Be consistent.

Many professionals sign up for more than one social network, but don’t think of them as separate entities. Each online profile is a part of a bigger online presence, and you must be consistent when posting updates to them. People want to find the same version of you no matter where they happen to interact with you.

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