Retain Your Best Workers for Top Business Performance

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Top performance means that your business’s goals, resources, and staff productivity need to stay aligned – every day.  And keeping staff productive and motivated means building a strong team, in which team members know they can rely on one another to “stick it out” through even the toughest moments.

As a result, few things can damage your business performance faster than high turnover.  Motivation and productivity take a hit, and the costs to replace key team members can be staggering.  Here’s how to retain your best people in order to do your best work.

  1. Figure out what your “veterans” have in common. Which people stay with your company? What backgrounds, skills or personality characteristics do they have in common?  Talk to your managers and top performers to build a profile of your most “retainable” employees.  Share this with your staffing partner so that they can match candidates to this profile.
  2. Plan careers instead of hiring for roles. You need someone who can do the work today. But the top candidates you consider won’t just be thinking about this job; they’ll also be thinking about how this position fits into their overall career goals.  To keep the best people, be willing to take on this mindset.  Think about how this person can do the work today and how they will grow into greater responsibilities and new roles in the coming years.
  3. Ask employees what motivates them; then provide it. The word “staff” implies a group, but your staff is composed of individuals, making retention an individual question. Ask team members what motivates them, what their goals are, and what resources help them do their best work.  Then, make sure staff can access these.  You’ll keep them happier, which means they’ll be more likely to stay – and give them no excuse not to do their best work while they do.
  4. Manage stress on the team. Stress occurs when the size of the task seems too large for the resources available to tackle it. Ask staff what causes stress in their jobs, and find ways to provide more resources, whether in terms of time, training, additional hands, a better work-life balance, or other opportunities.  With the resources and confidence to do the job, staff will be happier, healthier, and more productive.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our experienced recruiters can help you find and keep the best people available so your business can thrive.  Contact us today to learn more about our staffing services in Las Colinas and beyond.

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