Radio Silence After Applying for a Job? What It Means (and What To Do)

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Here you are: You found a job posting at a great company, with a list of requirements that seems tailor-made for your experience and skills. You wrote a fantastic cover letter, double-checked your resume, and sent the whole thing well ahead of the deadline. And then…silence.

What does it mean when a company doesn’t get back to you after applying for a job? And what should you do about it? Here are some of the top reasons for “radio silence” and how to deal with them:

The hiring manager is swamped.

For most job seekers, looking for work is the main (or only) task on their plates. But for hiring managers, finding a new staff member is only one of the dozens of tasks they juggle each day. If you’ve heard nothing for the first week or two, don’t panic; it may simply be that the hiring manager is overwhelmed, and the task of finding new talent has been put on the back burner.

What to do: Check the job posting for a deadline, talk to your recruiter, or send a brief follow-up note or email to confirm that your application materials were received.

The company is sorting out its interview schedule.

Even when hiring managers are actively working on the hiring process, reading resumes, contacting references, and figuring out when interviews can be scheduled can all take a great deal of time – especially if the process will include “panel” interviews with multiple interviewers. All this work may take a couple of weeks, and none of it reflects on your value as a candidate.

What to do: During this time, don’t hesitate to keep networking, volunteering, and updating your resume. If you haven’t worked with a recruiter yet, now is a great time to contact one.

The position has been eliminated or put on hold.

In some cases, hiring managers will get the “go-ahead” to start looking for candidates, only to hear later that the job isn’t open, that it no longer exists, or that it’s “on hold” indefinitely while budget or organizational issues are sorted out.

What to do: You’ll have to wait and see how the company resolves its issues. In the meantime, don’t let your job search momentum lag. Keep looking, and keep seizing opportunities to build your resume with volunteer work, temp jobs, classes, or certifications.

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