Diagnosing a Hiring Problem: Why Can’t You Find Great IT Talent?

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Hiring IT Talent

In today’s competitive business landscape, technology remains a major differentiator between the top companies and those merely treading water. If your organization doesn’t hire and retain top-notch IT employees, you are at a disadvantage compared to the competition. Even finding candidates well-versed in the latest technologies challenges many businesses.

Maybe your company suffers from a hiring problem? With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at how to find the best Information Technology talent.

Leverage Social Media Options for Finding IT Employees

Your company needs to take advantage of all available options when searching for quality technology employees. Social networks, especially LinkedIn, remain a great option for finding top rank IT talent. Make it a point to peruse any LinkedIn Groups related to the technology areas in which your company has a need.

Twitter and Facebook also serve as potential sources for quality candidates, but LinkedIn reigns supreme, which makes sense considering their status as the preeminent social network for professionals. Additionally, leverage your company’s own LinkedIn page to advertise any open IT positions while showing off your organization’s corporate culture.

Sponsor Any Technology Events in Your Area

Consider sponsoring any local technology conferences and happenings, as that remains a great way to advertise your status as a top employer of technology talent. Developer events, like CodeMash, and technology mixers are great for this purpose. Once you get the word out, expect more résumés from technology candidates to begin arriving at your company’s doorstep.

A Partnership with a Technology Recruiting Agency Makes the Most Sense

Partnering with a leading IT recruiting agency in your area gives your company the best shot at finding and hiring top-notch technology employees. The best staffing agencies maintain a list of previously vetted candidates able to immediately make a positive difference for your firm. They help your company save the money spent conducting the hiring process all by yourself.

Burnett’s Staffing makes a great choice as a technology staffing partner. Our knowledgeable recruiters offer the business insight and quality candidates to help your firm’s ultimate success. Contact us today to learn more about our technology recruiting services in Arlington, TX and beyond!

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