Social Media: The NEW Resume

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Are you on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram?

Good! Move over resume! Here comes social media.

I recently met with a hiring manager who screens all applicants on social media sites prior to inviting a candidate for an interview. Her priority is to “make sure they are a good fit for our company culture.” What if you don’t have social media, you ask? She does not even consider the candidate when there are others who are qualified in the talent pool. “When I have multiple qualified candidates, I only have time to meet with the top three.” Hiring managers want to know the candidates they are spending time with reflect company core values based on past behavior, not based on what they will say in an interview. The quickest way to see this past behavior you ask? That’s right, social media.

This last year, Donald Trump beat Hillary Clinton on social media by connecting with voters as a “real person” and many experts believe that is why he won the election. For the same reason, employers want to connect with candidates to see they are a “real person.”

Tip: I highly recommend linking your social media accounts on your resume.

1.    It saves hiring managers time.

2.    It says, “I am an open book, check me out.”

When posting on social media, consider who might see it and be sure your posts are genuine to your own core values and beliefs.

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About the author: Brayden Burnett serves as the Operations Manager for Burnett’s Staffing, a Dallas-Fort Worth based staffing agency starting in 1966. He is the third generation of his family to serve in the staffing industry. Burnett’s Staffing is a trusted expert in Dallas-Fort Worth employment.

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