Should I Stay Or Should I Go: 3 Signs It’s Time To Leave Your Job

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Around 57% of organizations say they view employee retention as a problem. Millennials, in particular, are viewed as having little company loyalty. But in most cases, these employees simply want to be valued for their hard work and be involved in learning and growing organizations. Unfortunately, not every company is focused on creating an atmosphere that makes employees want to stay; many times, they get tunnel vision about their bottom line and don’t realize that these efforts will directly impact their overall work productivity and success.

If you’ve been feeling under-appreciated, overworked, or generally ill-at-ease about your current work situation, working with an employment agency can help you find new employment opportunities that suit your skill set at companies that are more in line with your professional goals and needs. These signs will tell you pretty definitively if it’s time to think about contacting a staffing company and preparing to leave your current job.

  • Your work environment is toxic
    A lack of positive company culture can really affect your desire to stay in a given position, even if you like the actual responsibilities involved. In the end, a job is about so much more than your daily duties; the dynamics of your organization will shape how enjoyable you find the job and how successful you are doing it. If there’s no collaboration or mutual respect, you’ll probably find it difficult to thrive. Find the atmosphere demeaning, isolating, or tone-deaf? It may be time to get in touch with an employment agency to find temp jobs or permanent placement elsewhere.
  • You aren’t learning or getting any feedback
    Some people are all too happy to stay at a job that’s comfortable and doesn’t require them to grow. But most want to take on new challenges and learn all they can. In many cases, you do need to take the initiative and get involved in projects or events that can help you further your professional goals. But if your company simply isn’t interested in helping their employees in this manner, that’s a big red flag. When you’ve exhausted all of your options and you’re still not seeing progress or able to pursue new endeavors at your job on your own, you may need to look outside your current company to find them.
  • You can’t attain a work/life balance
    While there are employees who are happy to center their lives around work, it turns into an unhealthy situation once you start sacrificing your own well-being. In some industries, a high level of stress comes with the territory. But that’s when organizations need to focus on ways to reduce that stress so their employees will stick around. A significant amount of turnover can be indicative of an environment that’s simply too stressful for most employees to handle. When you get home at the end of your day, you should be able to unwind and not feel like you’re constantly on-call. If you feel like your stress levels are compromising your health or you’re being discouraged from taking personal days or using vacation days, you may need to contact an employment agency to find a company that cares about their employees and is a better fit for you.

Every organization has its strengths and challenges, and there’s always something that can use improvement. But these signs will usually indicate substantial problems that take a long time to solve. Many employees find that they can’t afford to make that kind of commitment at the expense of their own happiness and health. If you identify with any of these signs, consider working with an employment agency. They’ll be much more familiar with how a given business operates and how your skills will fit in, benefiting both employer and employee.

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