3 Ways Job Seekers Can Separate Themselves From The Pack

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Regardless of your industry, landing your dream job can seem like a daunting task. As the market becomes increasingly competitive, job seekers need to come up with creative ways to stand out from all the rest. Only then will you emerge as the highly qualified candidate you are. We understand that this process can be stressful at times, but if you follow these three tips, you’ll be much more likely to be called in for that interview and ultimately hired.

  1. Refine your social media accounts
    Many employers want to work with individuals who are active on social media. This can be especially important in communications and marketing positions, but it’s applicable in almost any kind of job. That said, you need to be responsible about your social media use. Most employers will look you up on social media before granting an interview, and 93% of recruiting agencies will take a peek at your profiles, too. Make sure to check your privacy settings and refrain from posting anything that toes the line of being controversial. A responsible social media user will catch an employer’s attention for all the right reasons, but outlandish posts will translate into an instant denial.
  2. Spruce up your resume
    An outdated or boring resume simply won’t cut it for most positions. Any staffing agency will tell you that your resume and cover letter should be tailored for the specific job you want to be considered for. Although your resume needs to be professional at all times, you can help it to stand out by inserting some of your personality and highlighting the soft skills you’ll bring to the job. The recruiters at your staffing company will be able to give you some helpful pointers on how to tailor your resume so it appeals to the exact business you want to work with.
  3. Come prepared with questions
    Once your staffing agency facilitates your job interview, you need to start preparing. Make sure you read up thoroughly on the company and have a good understanding of their challenges. These pain points can help position you as a viable solution and as someone who wants to truly contribute to the company in a big way. Think about ways you can connect your skillset to address these issues well before your interview. You should also come up with thought-provoking questions to ask about the organization and the position.

With these tips and some assistance from your staffing agency, you’ll be in an excellent position to find a fantastic job that suits you perfectly. For more information on employment agencies in Dallas the surrounding area, contact Burnett’s Staffing today.

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