6 Effective Steps to Technical Recruiting

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Any company seeking to hire high-quality IT staff has heard of “passive” candidates – those employed professionals who are reasonably happy with their work, but who are also willing to entertain new offers. Despite the name, these candidates aren’t “do-nothings” when it comes to the job search; they’re listening, and they often have very clear ideas about what will make a new position work for them.

Finding passive candidates isn’t always as simple as posting a job listing. But it pays off: The Department of Labor estimates that up to 84 percent of the potential workforce is passive candidates! If you’re not tapping into this opportunity, you’re missing out.

Here are six ways to find, approach, and recruit passive candidates more effectively:

  1. Blogging about hot topics in IT will attract top IT candidates. If your company is well positioned in another industry, blog about the intersection of that industry and IT concerns. Sharing information is a great way to grab the attention of candidates who are passionate about their work.
  2. Ask your “A Team” for suggestions. Top performers in any field tend to congregate. To find someone with outstanding skills who will integrate well with your current team, ask your top performers for recommendations.
  3. Recruiting passive candidates, especially in light of a long-term strategic staffing plan, requires a softer sell. When you meet top talent in the IT field, add them to your friends list on LinkedIn and engage in conversation. Building these relationships expands your network, gives you access to resources, and positions you to extend an offer for an interview at the most opportune moment.
  4. Invite candidates to events. Whether it’s a one-on-one conversation over coffee or a company conference, inviting passive candidates to events is a great way to get to know them better, share ideas, and see how they integrate with other members of your own team. It also demonstrates the kind of interest in their work that will get their attention.
  5. Recruit them. It’s always flattering to hear that a company loves your work and wants to learn more about you. If there’s a particular candidate that intrigues you, simply pick up the phone or send an email.
  6. Work with a staffing partner. Building networks that contain top passive candidates takes work – but there is an easy way to expand the size of your network in a flash. Contact a staffing firm that specializes in placing IT talent. Recruiters focus on knowing the best people in the industries they serve, including passive candidates.

At Burnett’s Staffing, our technical recruiting staff stay in touch with top talent throughout the local IT industry, so we can build high-quality candidate pools that contain both active and passive job seekers. Contact us today to learn more.

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