Tips for Hiring a Web Developer for Your Business

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 Tips for Hiring a Web Developer for Your Business

Web development has become key for any business seeking to establish a presence, get noticed by clients and customers, draw in business more smoothly, and build an employment brand that will attract top talent.  Here are several traits to look for when hiring a great web developer for your organization:

Work Ethic and Personality “Fit”

A web developer with experience is important, but a web developer with the work ethic and personality “fit” to thrive with your company is a must. Does the candidate have the persistence, determination, curiosity, or team spirit your current culture values? Do you need someone who is flexible and willing to take risks, or someone whose “tried and true” approach you trust?

Ability to Learn

Fewer fields are growing and changing faster than the field of web development. The “hottest thing” three years ago is old hat now – and the skills the developer spent hours painstakingly perfecting in college may be all but obsolete. Look for a web developer who learns new technologies easily, rather than one who knows a current technology well but may be “stuck” when things change.

To find developers who learn quickly, ask what they’ve learned recently. Ask about their favorite resources for learning new “tips and tricks.” Those with an aptitude and passion for learning will enthusiastically share their favorites.


Communication outside their tech sphere has become the most sought-after trait in web developers and other tech professionals. While many people can code a website effectively, fewer can explain what they changed and why to an audience unfamiliar with programming languages. Those who can immediately become valuable members of the team, able to discus, develop and defend decisions across departments and with leadership.

To pinpoint this trait, ask questions like “If you could change one thing about our current website, what would it be and why?” Look for candidates who explain in simple, clear language, use jargon sparingly and explain technical terms when needed.

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