6 Things That Will Propel Your Career Forward

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Career Advancement Tips for Professionals

No matter how long it’s been since you first launched your career, it’s always the right time to think about advancing your career. Whether you’re looking for your first promotion or to make a leap to the executive ring, there’s no need to spin your wheels when you can consider some of this great advice.

Have a mission and a plan. Successful companies draft a mission statement to keep their business on track. As an individual, you should do the same to commit to what you want out of your career and life. Take a holistic approach to your life when creating your goals; your career is only one part of it. Establish benchmarks to know if you are where you want to be. Course-correct as needed to get back on track.

Be your own self-improvement project. Continually build not just your job skills, but also soft skills like leadership and communication. Continually seek opportunities to grow your knowledge base. Reinforce your personal brand through continuous improvement.

Build out your network. Surround yourself with people with whom you can discuss your industry and career. Don’t just look at the members of your network as a source of potential job leads. Look also for those who will give you honest feedback on how you are performing and what changes you need to make to improve.

Be open-minded. While a career plan is important, don’t stubbornly stick to a single path. You may find that your “dream company” is a terrible place to work or a company you have never considered could be your dream job. Be willing to take risks.

Present the right image. While “dress for the job you want” is common advice, there is a reason it’s so ubiquitous. Pay attention to how the higher-ups in your company or your target company dress. That’s much more important than what you might find in a book or on the internet. Don’t decide to boost your executive presence by wearing a suit and tie to work if the executives wear jeans and boots.

Work with a recruiter. They know the employers and who you are competing with. They can suggest companies whose values match your own and tell you what traits successful employees there possess. A recruiting professional can get you in front of the correct decision maker, help you present yourself in the best possible light and help “sell” you to the hiring manager.

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