8 Tips for Advancing in the Accounting and Finance Sector

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Advancing in the Accounting and Finance Sector

Whether you’ve just entered the accounting and finance sector, or you’re looking to advance an established career, there is a multitude of options available to provide the next step on your career ladder. Here are eight ways to advance in accounting or finance.

  1. Get more out of your school. If you’re still in school or recently graduated, reach out to professors or alumni to find a mentor or learn more about options that are available in your field.
  2. Treat your job description as the bare minimum. Reach beyond your job description by offering to participate in projects that aren’t on your daily “to-do” list. You’ll gain valuable knowledge, build your network and demonstrate you’re interested in learning more.
  3. Stay networked. A few times a month, meet someone in your professional network for coffee, lunch or a midday walk. Talk about your work, the industry and what you want to achieve. Stay connected to get help when you least expect it.
  4. Consider a specialist position. If a traditional “upward” path doesn’t appeal to you, consider looking “sideways” at specialist positions. They often come with a bump in pay in prestige and you become the resident expert on the topic.
  5. Earn some certifications. Certifications in the accounting and finance fields can help you move forward in your career. Whether you’re looking at corporate accounting certifications, certifications for audits, fraud or risk management, or another field, a certification can help you expand your network as well as your abilities.
  6. Maintain a work-life balance. Getting ahead can become an obsession. It can also burn you out if you’re not careful. Make time for stress relief every day by doing something you love. A good work-life balance makes you more creative and capable of tackling challenges.
  7. Ask “why.” Why are you doing this job? Why does your work matter? Why were you drawn to accounting or finance in the first place? When you understand your purpose, you can move with purpose – leading you to a more fulfilling career position.
  8. Talk to a recruiter. A staffing partner can be an invaluable resource when it comes to connecting you to the best available jobs in the area. Choose a recruiter with experience placing accounting and financial professionals in the companies and jobs that reflect your career goals.

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