5 Traits That Your Best Employee Should Possess

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Best Employee Traits

5 Traits Your Best Employee Should Possess

Every hiring manager wants to find high-performing employees – but not every hiring manager knows what questions to ask in order to identify the candidates most likely to perform well on the job.  Here are five traits your best employee should possess (and five traits to look for when hiring your next top performer):

  1. They have a “system.” High-performing employees know how important it is to stay organized and focused, so they develop a system that works for them. Whether it’s a morning routine, a to-do list or a productivity app, your best employee should have a way to stay organized – and be able to explain how it helps.
  2. They focus on the positive. Challenges and conflicts arise in every workplace. But when work hands your best employee a lemon, their response should be to grab the sugar and start making lemonade.  Finding the opportunity in every situation helps high-performing employees stay focused and motivate others.
  3. They seek out challenges. Top employees strive to learn more and do their work better. To this end, they volunteer to take on tough tasks and to be the first to learn, experiment and adapt to new programs or systems.  A love of learning and a readiness to solve problems can make any employee stand out.
  4. They set their own goals. Most companies set goals for employees or help employees set career goals within the company’s framework. The highest-performing employees, however, take the initiative one step further by setting their own goals and asking for help and feedback from supervisors to make sure their goals are in line with the vision of the company.
  5. They hold themselves accountable. Your best employee should be one who does what they say they’ll do, who keeps others updated about their progress and who promptly renegotiates the terms of the deal if a challenge arises they cannot control. They make sure others know what to expect and when to expect it.

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