Are You Qualified For A Raise?

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Are You Qualified For A Raise?

You’ve put in a lot of hard work. You’ve gone “above and beyond.” And you’ve watched other people receive raises and promotions and applauded them. Is it your turn?

Here are some key questions to ask to assess your own skill set and determine whether it’s time to approach your employer about a raise:

If you left today, how easily could the company find a replacement for you?

Do you have specialized skills?  Are you the one who knows where everything is kept, or exactly how to perform a particular task, or who has developed personal connections with customers?  If you’re tough to replace, bring this up when you ask for a raise.

How much do you know that others do not know?

Specialized skills call for specialized recognition – including in terms of pay. Make a list of the skills and knowledge you have that most people inside or outside of your company do not.

What would happen to your department if your company had to downsize?

You might be irreplaceable – but your department might be expendable. Likewise, you might be average, but work in a department the company cannot survive without. Make the “big picture” assessment of your value to help you decide whether to ask for a raise.

How much of the company’s profit comes out of your department?

Employers are more likely to see the value of “income generators,” and to reward them accordingly. If your department is responsible for bringing the numbers up, be sure to mention how your role impacted these figures. If not, focus on other valuable and necessary contributions you make to the organization.

Is your company poised to grow or shrink in the next five years?

To answer this question, you’ll need to learn more about the market and industry trends. If you’re in a growing business or specialty, emphasizing the company’s increasing need for your abilities can help you make a case for a raise.

Do these questions seem to indicate that it’s not the right time to ask for a raise? If so, use them as a guide to building your skills and abilities. Change the answers so you can confidently ask for the pay you deserve – or find an employer who recognizes your value.

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