6 Essential Traits to Look for When Hiring Managers

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Hiring good managers is essential to the smooth running of a business. The number one reason staff leave jobs are due to a poor relationship with the boss.  Finding excellent bosses helps retain staff and boost engagement.

When hiring for a management position, here are six essential traits to look for:

  1. An understanding of the structure. Good managers know how to show employees the structure they’re to work within; then give them freedom within that structure to play to their own strengths. Ask managerial candidates how they would describe the company’s structure and how they would provide guidelines for success to staff.
  2. An ability to see the big picture. Each member of the team is responsible for particular tasks. A good manager understands both how those tasks are done and what role they play in the company’s larger goals, mission, and purpose. Ask manager candidates to talk about their “big-picture” thinking.
  3. Understanding where other people are coming from helps good managers resolve conflicts and harness multiple perspectives to solve problems more efficiently. Ask how a candidate resolves conflicts between staff or considers other perspectives to learn more about their empathy.
  4. A willingness to be human. Staff value leaders who are willing to show their own vulnerability, confusion and the occasional need for help. Questions like “When have you failed at something?” help you assess whether a managerial candidate is willing to be open and honest about tough moments in the interest of helping others learn and grow.
  5. Managers get called upon to tackle all kinds of tasks, from helping staff with a technical problem to juggling paperwork to describing their team’s efforts to their own supervisors and executives. A manager who can wear many hats will be more comfortable in the role and better able to connect all the disparate threads of the “big picture” when communicating with others.
  6. The ability to delegate effectively. Micromanagement burns out managers and staff members alike. The best managers use communication and structure to build confidence and trust; then delegate tasks and allow staff to figure them out. They make themselves available to answer questions without hanging over staff members’ shoulders. A few well-placed interview questions about delegation can go a long way in helping you choose the best managerial candidate.

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