Networking: It’s Not Just for Job Seekers and Sales People

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In the business world, networking is often emphasized as a way to find job or sales opportunities. While it’s true that networking is a great way to find a new position or a new customer, it has other benefits, too. Having a strong network can bolster your career even if you plan on staying in your current position. Here are some things that you can gain from building your network:

  • Information. When you network with people inside your industry, you’ll find that they deal with many of the same issues that you do. Keeping an open dialogue with people in positions similar to yours lets you collaborate and learn from each other. Ultimately this exchange of information can help you perform your jobs better.
  • Professional development. A career is always strengthened by learning new things. Having a network keeps you tapped into professional development opportunities like classes, seminars, or meet-and-greets. Networking can also make you aware of skills that you need to sharpen, or areas where you need to improve.
  • Confidence. While people skills come naturally to some, others have to work for them. Networking is all about building relationships, which means it’s great practice for your interpersonal skills. If you want to gain confidence in your ability to communicate with people, developing a network is a sure way to do it.
  • Recognition. Part of building a strong career is building a strong reputation. It’s difficult to be a leader in your field if no one knows about the work that you’re doing. Although it’s bad form to use networking to promote yourself endlessly, it can be a way to let people know what you do. Once you’re visible among your peers, it’s easier to be perceived as an expert.
  • Friendships. When you build relationships with people in your industry, you may find that you have a lot in common. You may have gone into your line of work for the same reasons, or you may enjoy similar hobbies. It’s possible that a business contact can become a friend, one who can enrich both your personal and professional life.

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