Four Strategies for Promoting Your LinkedIn Profile

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The Internet is full of advice on setting up your LinkedIn profile to help you find jobs.  But once you have your own corner of this thriving social media site, what should you do next?

The most effective job candidates don’t just set up a LinkedIn profile – they also promote their profile, connecting others to it and encouraging companies to engage and explore what they have to offer.  Here are four ways to promote your profile and supercharge your professional networking:

  1. Pass it out. One of the easiest ways to promote your LinkedIn profile is to list it on your other personal marketing materials.  Add a link to your business card, list your LinkedIn profile on other social media sites, and don’t forget to include it as a line on your resume.  You’ll give interested professionals an easy way to learn more about the value you offer and to expand your professional network by connecting with you via LinkedIn itself.
  2. Put it on your home page. Having social media profiles across several platforms, including LinkedIn, can help you connect with other professionals.  But managing all those profiles can feel daunting, especially when you’re also engaged in a full-time job hunt.  Round up your various media links on a single, streamlined home page at a site like, or build your own blog with free tools like those at WordPress or Blogspot.  Put your LinkedIn page front and center on your profile to garner attention.
  3. Reach out. Guest posts on prominent blogs in your industry, articles in trade journals, and even a letter to the editor can give you the opportunity to showcase your knowledge and to share your LinkedIn profile, along with your name.  Find a topic you’re passionate about and start looking through the major publications in your industry – both print and digital.
  4. Email it. Adding your LinkedIn profile link to your email signature is one of the easiest ways to ensure your profile is shared with every email you send.  Since your signature is automatically attached to your emails unless you choose to edit it, you’ll only have to write it down once in order to ensure that every potential contact you reach has an easy way to see what you’re all about.

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